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Scrapantics benefits from the hard work of a broad range of people from all over Dundee. These include playworkers, project coordinators, play session workers and artists, as well as our fantastic volunteers.


Scrapantics can provide everything from training, planning, support with risk assessments, art workshops, play sessions (in and out of school) as well as observation and reporting. This service is designed to help parents, teachers and childcare providers with every part of facilitating alternative education, from planning at the beginning of a project to reporting at the end, including everything in between!

We believe that creativity is core to rethinking our approach to living in and learning about the world…


We facilitate Scotland’s circular economy through recycling industry and business excess into art and design materials. Each year we transform over 20 tonnes of industrial waste into creative and play resources for the community.


We come together to explore alternative ways to work, live and connect. We provide expertise and creative education in sustainability, social justice, inequalities and alternative economies.


Our Scrapstore lies at the heart of Scrapantics – it’s our first point of contact with the public. Run with the help of our volunteers, this is where our wonderful range of recycled resources are sorted, processed and sold. Here you can find a constantly evolving stock of materials ranging from wood and hand tools to paper, fabric, yarn, card and stationery. If you look hard enough, you’re also bound to find some unusual and fascinating oddities!


At the Scrapstore we aim to celebrate and promote anything that is happening locally. If you speak to our staff, you will be able to find out about all manner of projects and opportunities in which you can participate. Our store is an invaluable resource for artists, theatres, parents with young children, DIY fanatics – anyone with an interest in creating something while recycling at the same time!


A round up of everything we’ve been up to.


Read about our projects.


Unit 2, Meadow Mill, West Hendersons Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BY

There’s always a warm welcome at the scrapstore.


Come along to discuss ideas, find inspiration and leave with items for your current and future projects.


Or just pop along for a chat and rummage through our marvellous mix of resources.

Opening Hours

Tue 10AM – 2PM

Wed 12PM – 4PM

Thu 12PM – 6PM

1st Sat of Month 10AM – 1PM

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Anybody can use the store without a membership if they are spending less than £3 a day (which can get you a surprising amount!).


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