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C.Gul – Reaching the Peak of Seagull Based Puns

This week it’s all about street art with C.Gul. Inspired by Dundee’s ballsy bird community he has been creating seagull inspired street art for 9 years now. Clearly he doesn’t take himself too seriously and his work is about putting smiles on people’s faces. We touch on the differences between street art and graffiti and go into the rules and politics that surround the two closely linked but distinct discipline. C.Gul has definitely learned the hard way a few times but seems to have now found a place where he’s happy with his work.

We also touch on one of my favourite subjects: mini golf. C.Gul created his own course during lockdown. Created in his allotment from materials saved from landfill and purchased from charity shops. It is also closely linked to the work he does with Scrapantics selling all sorts in their scrap store to lighting up kids imaginations with loose parts play.

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