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At Scrapantics we specialise in supporting alternative forms of education and believe in the importance of building a strong creative foundation for learning. This has evolved from a belief that play is of enormous importance to education and learning. As such, we promote and enable play as a form of education in parallel to the school curriculum.


Scrapantics can provide everything from training, planning, support with risk assessments, art workshops, play sessions (in and out of school) as well as observation and reporting. This service is designed to help parents, teachers and childcare providers with every part of facilitating alternative education, from planning at the beginning of a project to reporting at the end, including everything in between!


Feel free to get in touch to ask about any part of this service.

Loose Parts Play

This is a service to local schools, where we source and supply loose parts for creative play-based learning. These large, recycled resources will contain a variety of donated materials that can be played with, built and broken in a multitude of ways. These may include: wooden pallets, barrels, plastic tubes, wooden blocks and planks, ropes, boards and always a few strange and unique objects. Using these, children are encouraged to be creative in their play, letting their imaginations run wild and turning neglected objects into valuable tools for learning and discovery.


A school contract will buy four deliveries a year, where our Loose Parts Delivery team will pick up the old loose parts and furnish a school with a whole new set of play materials for every school term!


We provide Loose Parts Play training to support anyone working with children and young people to embed play-based learning in their practice. Delivered remotely via conferencing software, our programme combines theory with practice to support practitioners and parents to understand the variety of ways that Loose Parts Play can support children’s learning and development. If you are interested in hearing more, please do get in touch!

We have a number of Loose Parts Play CPD Events over the next few months, follow the links below to book your place:


Loose Parts Play CPD Training


We offer a range of workshops and creative projects – our community includes local artists, each offering their own particular skills and techniques which means we have a huge range of skills and experiences. These can be linked to the school curriculum and STEAM, and designed to fit specific individual needs. These workshops can teach artistic processes ranging from printmaking to painting, design to model making and everything in between!


Aside from being useful and fun, these workshops can also provide valuable employability skills for those in secondary school or needing work experience. If you have creative skills and are interested in gaining experience in designed and delivering workshops, get in touch!

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We’re lucky to have a warehouse to store a huge array of resources that can be used both in and out of the classroom. In addition to these, we have specially designed educational packs to be used alongside a school curriculum. All of these are suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Please drop by our store to see what we have to offer!

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The Power of Loose Parts Play

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August 20 – April 21



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