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volunteers in dundee scrapantics

Scrapantics benefits from the hard work of a broad range of people from all over Dundee. These include playworkers, project coordinators, play session workers and artists, as well as our fantastic volunteers.


We are always happy to take on volunteers and find work for them that they will find gratifying and stimulating. If you are looking to be part of a community, feeling isolated or wanting to gain confidence to return to work, we will be happy to welcome you into our community – anyone can volunteer!


You may end up doing any number of jobs, including working in the shop, delivering loose parts, picking up resources for the shop or our loose parts warehouse, putting together play packs or even inventing games and activities of your own!


We run an employment training programme with local businesses – this aspect of our business supports people to develop new skills in a completely carbon neutral way. These programmes involve working with local fabric businesses to complete paid sewing commissions using products from our Scrapstore. This can utilise your current skills or support you to build new ones. You might for example make a run of 20 aprons made from donated excess fabric – recycling, upskilling and producing a valuable product all in one!


Our Scrapstore can provide everything required, including sewing machines, material and a space in which to work. If you wish to work from home, then materials and sewing machine can be taken home for the duration of the project.

SCRAPAntics Interns

We are happy to offer internship opportunities – if you have skill with social media, poster design, advertising or putting together incredible shop displays, we can repay your support with fantastic references, training, work experience and more.

volunteering in dundee scrapantics

Artist In Residence

We welcome proposals for an artist in residence programme. We can offer a working space and a vast and changing library of material with which a talented individual can show just what can be done with loose parts and recycled material! A visit to our Scrapstore can be an inspiring experience, and we would be delighted to see creatives responding to this in whatever manner suited them. If this sounds appealing, please get in touch!

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