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Refugee Week 2021

For Refugee Week 2021 families created artwork together to celebrate the wonderful diversity of cultures in Dundee.

Families with children aged between 4 and 12 participated in a series of weekly art sessions on zoom, delivered by Infinite Sky and ScrapAntics. They learnt new creative skills together such as magnet making, basket weaving, rock painting, origami and video making. A number of families enjoyed taking part every week.

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The families made work for Refugee Festival Scotland and agreed that meeting in person for some sessions to celebrate the project, would be a positive way to finish.

For Refugee Week the group made collages from recycled materials around the theme of ‘making home’. Families discussed what home meant to them and then created imagery and words. Many of the children decided to invent their dream home, and enjoyed using their imaginations!

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Refugee Festival Scotland 2021 is online this year with events taking place from the Highlands to the Borders. From live music and dance to film screenings, gaming marathons and family-friendly picnics, the festival has something for everyone. You can see the range of events and find out more at:

Infinite Sky

aTwo artists who paint colourful murals and deliver creative community projects, you can read more about them at

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A huge thank you to our amazing artists: Jad, Aya, Poppy, Che Che, Hannah, Diana and Daniel!

“Poppy loved learning new things and doing art as she loves art! Che Che loved the zoom sessions and the video session as he loves all things technology!” – Mel

“My favourite was making magnets – I made some for my family and I liked making the video – I like to make my own videos now too.” – Hannah

“It was such a great eight weeks, it was nice to meet in person after the zoom sessions. Every week was different, fun and creative.” – Mel

If you are a Dundee based family and would like to take part in fun and creative outdoor sessions, please contact Neil.

Thank you to our funders for making this creativity possible and to Neil Crutchley – Community Engagement Worker for developing and coordinating the project.

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