Our Scrapstore lies at the heart of ScrapAntics – it’s our first point of contact with the public. Run with the help of our volunteers, this is where our wonderful range of recycled resources are received, sorted and sold.


Here you can find a constantly evolving stock of materials ranging from wood and hand tools to paper, fabric, yarn, card and stationery. If you look hard enough, you’re also bound to find some unusual and fascinating oddities!


The ScrapStore is an invaluable resource for artists, students, theatres, schools, nurseries, volunteer groups, small businesses, craftspeople, parents with young children, DIY fanatics – anyone with an interest in creating something while recycling at the same time!


We aim to celebrate and promote the local community. If you speak to our staff, you will be able to find out about projects and opportunities in which you can participate. We are here for the whole community; whether that’s by providing resources, holding events or spreading word of mouth about local activities.


We offer ready-made activity packs containing everything required for a fun creative activity, such as puppet making or soap carving. Suitable for all ages, these packs can turn a dreary day into something stimulating and positive. During the Covid lockdown, we gave away 1000 of these packs for free! Please get in touch if you would like to commission a larger number of packs.


If you are from a community organisation and would like to collaborate together or use our resources please get in touch, we often offer discounts and deals for other community projects.


Scredits are Scrap-Credits and act as a voucher… allowing you to give the gift of sustainability and creativity!


You can purchase different values of Scredits in the ScrapStore, and if the recipient is not already a member you can also gift them a membership… just ask staff for details.

Scredit cards


Anybody can use the store without a membership if they are spending less than £3 a day (which can get you a surprising amount!).


If you spend over £3 you can purchase a day pass, or for more regular users membership cards can be bought for the following prices.


Membership can only be bought in person in the ScrapStore.


Membership brings benefits! As well as being a legal requirement for all ScrapStores, helping us keep our doors open and our prices low, members can also hire our community space at cheap rates for workshops and events, are invited to take part in our annual Members’s Show and can haggle to get even more amazing bargains.

Day Pass



Annual Membership



Student Annual



Small Business Annual



Large Business Annual Membership




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